Why don’t you go and try out a Fishing Arcade Game (judi tembak ikan)? |

Why don’t you go and try out a Fishing Arcade Game (judi tembak ikan)?

Posted on July 10, 2017 by in games

Before, fishing arcade games became so popular. Many people would go to arcades and play them every day. Nowadays, with the help of technology, there are more ways wherein one can play the shooting games that they want. You can find an assortment of games online that can be easily downloaded to your computer, tablet, and phone. The Fish Hunter game is no exception to this since you can find it easily on the app store and install it on your mobile device. This game is just free to download just like many other games on the store. All you need it to wait for it to finish downloading and you can start playing it.

Playing Fish Hunter As A Beginner

Being a beginner at n judi tembak ikan it is normal to be confused and make some mistakes, however, below are some simple tips that can help you around your way in the game. If you’re choosing your gun, never go over the number one or two gun. Even though you may think the higher numbers equal more success, bear in mind that even pro players go with the number one or two guns as well.


Don’t be too rash in playing and always start from the bottom. When you see the fish, make sure that you hit as many as you can. A number one gun is able to catch a big fish, however, you should also think bout the ammunition that you have. Time your shots and make sure that they count every time you fire.

Another thing that you always need to remember is that it can help when you aim for the bigger fishes. Make sure that you focus is on firing on them since the bigger fishes can bring you additional bonuses to help you with the game.

Also, you can access the rare bonus game in Fish Hunter which is called the Golden Fish. When you see the pop-up named Golden Fish, be sure to click it, the focus on the nets and watch closely where you golden fish will appear. It can also help when you remember where the Golden Fish is likely to appear and where it will go next.

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